We wish this wonderful couple a life full of love, laughter, and joy!


Grill Tongs
Booster Seat
High Chairs
Coat Rack
Cafe Edison Lights
Rollaway Bed
Baby Crib
Baby Crib (Closed)
20 x 20 Self Install Canopy Tents
20 x 40 Self Install Canopy Tents
20' Self Install Sides Solid White
16 oz Cooper Moscow Mule Mugs
Gold Teaspoon
Gold Dinner Fork
Gold Dinner Knife
Gold Dessert Fork
Red/White Chevron
RoyalBlue/White Chevron
Gray/White Chevron
Gold/White Chevron
Black/White Chevron
NavyBlue/White Chevron
Pink/White Chevron
Organza Colors
Gold Dessert Spoon
Gold Cocktail Fork
Gold Plate Flateware
Pretzel Warmer Machine
Eternal Gold Dinner Fork
Eternal Gold Dinner Knife
Eternal Gold Salad/Dessert Fork
Eternal Gold Teaspoon
Eternal Gold Dessert/Soup Spoon
Eternal Gold Flatware
Dorchester Gold and Black Rim China
Dorchester China 10 5/8" Dinner Plate
Dorchester 8" Salad/Dessert Plate
Dorchester 6" Bread Plate
Dorchester Cup and Saucer
Dorchester 8.5" Rimmed Soup
Brushed Gold Dinner Fork
Brushed Gold Dinner Knife
Brushed Gold Salad Fork
Brushed Gold Teaspoon
Brushed Gold Butter Knife
Brushed Gold Flatware
Panama White Linens
Panama Ivory Linens
Panama Beige Linens
Panama Taupe Linens
Panama Natural Linens
Panama Mustard Linens
Panama Spice Linens
Panama Brown Linens
Panama Paprika Linens
Panama Charcoal Linens
Panama Cement Linens
Panama Celery Linens
Panama Cobalt Blue Linens
Panama Sky Blue Linens
Panama Light Pink Linens
Panama Plum Linens
Manhatten Silver Flatware
Rectangular and Square China
Salt & Pepper Sets
Bread Baskets
3 Gallon Cambro Beverage Dispenser
Dunk Tank Games
30 x 45 Century Tents
New England Plank Dance Floor (per section)
White Rim China
Silver Bread Baskets
White Bench
Bubble Ball
Majestic Gold China
Farm Tables with Benches
Poly Stripe White
Red Bandana
White Iridescent Crush
White Matte Satin
Small Crystal Chandelier
32x30 Sailcloth Pole Tent
Dorchester China with gold and black edge
4' Portable Bar Faux Granite
24x24 Sailcloth Frame Tent
40"x 104" Farm Table (Seats 10)
Crystal Table Candelabra
11 oz Highball Bubble Bottom Bar Glass
20' Length Panorama Window Sidewall
Black Metal Vintage Cart
20" x 20" Napkins
White Supernova
Vintage China
Black Acrylic Charger Plate
4' Portable Bar (Front View)
Manhatten Pattern
12oz Bubble Bottom Old Fashion Bar Glass
12qt. Silver Punch Bowls
Silver Table Candelabras
Chiavari Chairs
Baseball Toss Games
30 x 60 Century Tents
Large Crystal Chandelier
Salt & Pepper Buffet Set
Aluminum Tripod Easels
Farm Benches
Poly Stripe Ivory
Orange Circle Taffeta
Blue Bandana
Lime Green
Ivory Iridescent Crush
Ivory Matte Satin
32x50 Sailcloth Pole Tent
20" x 72"Farm Table, Head Table Acessory
Vintage Decorative Three Tier Cart
24x44 Sailcloth Frame Tent
12" Buffet Plate
10" Dinner Plate
10" Dinner Plate Square
8' x 12' Plank Floor
Wicker Bread Basket
Tripoli Gold Glass Charger Plate
5 Gallon Cambro Beverage Dispenser
20' Length Clear Sidewall
60" x 120" Rectangle
Ivory Supernova
Glass Leaf Pattern
Assorted Large Mismatched Plates
Gold Acrylic Charger Plate
Vintage Oil Lamps
4' Portable Bar White
Manhattan Pattern Detail
10 oz Bubble Bottom Rocks Bar Glass
Glass Leaf Pattern Accessories
Revere Bowls
Silver Table Candelabras with Flower Bowl
Beverage Dispenser, 5 Gal. New York Style
Polyester Gold
Clown Striker Games
40 x 40 Century Tents
Brass Easels
Silver Top Salt & Pepper Table Set
Brass Heart Arch
Farm Tables with China
Poly Stripe Beige
Valentine Circle Taffeta
Black/White Awning
Camel Iridescent Crush
White Victorian Chandelier
32x60 Sailcloth Pole Tent
Fruitwood Chiavari with cushion
20x20 Sailcloth Frame Tent
Farm Table 30"X4'
10" Dinner Plate
8" Salad/Dessert Plate
7"x11" Rectangle Dinner Plate
12' x 12' Plank Floor
Silver Round Bread Basket
Railroad Lanterns with Tea Lights
20' Length Solid Sidewall
Vintage Gold Tapestry Accent Chair
78" x 132" Rectangle
Gold Supernova
Black Starburst Glass Charger
Assorted Small Mismatched Plates
Red Acrylic Charger Plate
Ice Buckets
Small Wicker Buffet Baskets
10 Gallon Cambro Beverage Dispenser
Polyester Goldenrod
Rectangular/Banquet Tables
Golf Challenge Games
Marquee Tents
Red/White Awning
40 x 60 Century Tents
Flip Chart Easels
Chrome Salt & Pepper Tower Table Set
White Deluxe Arch
6' Portable Bars (with skirting)
Farm Tables
Poly Stripe Gold
Black Circle Taffeta
Beige Iridescent Crush
Maize Matte Satin
17" or 19.5" Crystal Candlesticks
10' Length Navitrac Panorama Window Sidewall
Gold Chiavari with cushion
Vintage Gold Velvet Accent Chair
44x43 Circle Sailcloth Tent
8" Salad/Dessert Plate
6" Bread Plate
5"x11" Rectangle Dessert and Appetiser Plate
12' x 16' Plank Floor
7oz Stemmed Rocks Bar Glass
Silver Dinner Fork
12" Round Mirror Trays
78" x 156" Rectangle
Lemon Supernova
Acrylic Black Charger
Assorted Coffee Cup and Saucers
Silver Acrylic Charger Plate
Large Wicker Buffet Baskets
Brushed Gold Arezzo Flatware
Keg/Super Coolers
Polyester Lemon
Kick & Score Soccer Games
Blue/White Awning
12 x 12 Frame Tents
40 x 80 Century Tents
Silver Chiavari Chair with cushion
Round Cake Stand
White Metal Arch
Gold Top Salt & Pepper Table Set
90z Brandy Snifter Bar Glass
44x63 Sailcloth Pole Tent
Podiums / Lecturns
Poly Stripe Brown
Maize Iridescent Crush
Lemon Matte Satin
10' Clear Length Sailcloth Sidewall
4'x30" Table (Seats 4-6)
Wine Barrel Buffet/Bar Table
6' Farm Table
6" Bread Plate
Cup and Saucer
6" Bread and Butter and Appetizer Plate Square
11" Leaf Glass Dinner Plate
16' x 20' Plank Floor
Silver Dinner Knife
16" Round Round Mirror Trays
8" or 12" Round Bottom Silver Candlesticks
Vintage Red Needlepoint Accent Chair
82" x 118" Rectangle
Aqua Supernova
Tiffany Blue Acrylic Charger Plate
Assorted Soup Bowls
Party Coolers with Wheels
Gold Beaded Glass Charger Plate
Bar Blenders
Polyester Maize
Pin The Tail On The Donkey Games
16 x 16 Frame Tents
Wireless Microphone for Podium
40 x 100 Century Tents
Square Cake Stands
Table Number Stands
44x63 Sailcloth Pole Tent Interior
Poly Stripe Peach
Black Dot
Light Pink Iridescent Crush
Wheat Matte Satin
Portable Outdoor Gas Lamp
10' Length Sailcloth French Window Sidewall
White Chiavari with cushion
Table 6'x30" (Seats 8-10)
Small Farm Table
Cup and Saucer
9oz Rim Soup Bowl
7" Salad/Dessert Plate Square
9" Leaf Glass Luncheon Plate
20' x 20' Plank Floor
10 oz Cordial Bar Glass
Silver Salad/Dessert Fork
Wooden Market Cart
8" or 12" Ornate Silver Candlesticks
90" x 108" Rectangle
Turquoise Supernova
Two Tone 8qt Gold Chafer
Assorted Salt and Pepper Sets
Vintage Blue Velvet Armchair
Glass Bud Vase
Black Birdcage
44x83 Sailcloth Pole Tent
Silver Beaded Glass Charger Plate
Ice Chest Coolers
Bar Martini Shakers
20 x 20 Frame Tents
20 Watt Bullhorn
Cotton Candy Machine
40 x 120 Century Tents
Fruitwood Chiavari Barstool
Cupcake Stands
5" Luminara Candles
Vintage Floral Cushion Armchair
Polyester White
Poly Stripe Pink
White Dot
Light Blue Iridescent Crush
Curry Matte Satin
Small Sailcloth Tent Onion Lights
Sidewall, Sailcloth Solid, 10' Length
Table, 8'x30", Seats 6-8
Demitasse Cup and Saucer
Cup and Saucer Square
7.5" Leaf Glass Salad/Dessert Plate
Other Plank Floor Sizes Available
Bar Glass, Cosmo, 10oz
Silver Teaspoon
Rectangle, 90" x 132"
Slate Supernova
Vintage Creamers and Sugars
Candlesticks Candelabras
44x83 Sailcloth Pole Tent
Ice Tub Coolers
20 x 30 Frame Tents
Black and White Dance Floor Per Section
3000 Lumens LCD Projectors
60 x 70 Century Tents
Chiavari Black Barstool
Polyester Ivory
Poly Stripe Lilac
Sky Blue Iridescent Crush
Coral Matte Satin
Large Sailcloth Tent Onion Lights
Upright Patio Heater
Table, 8'x42", Seats 8-10
Bar Glass, Margarita, 12oz
Vintage Floral Tapestry Armchair
Sugar Bowl
6" Bowl Square
Leaf Glass Cup and Saucer
Silver Soup/Tablespoon
Silver Champagne Bucket
7" Luminara Candles
Vase, Milk Glass Bud
Large Black Birdcage
Frozen Drink Machine
Rectangle, 90" x 156"
Royal Supernova
Black Starburst Glass Charger
Platinum Band China
Stainless Champagne Bucket with Stand
Cotton Candy Machines
Classroom Tables
20 x 40 Frame Tents
Overhead Projectors
Hot Dog Machine
60 x 100 Century Tents
Table Candelabras
Polyester Beige
44x83 Sailcloth Pole Tent, Exterior
80,000 BTU Tent Heater
Poly Stripe Mauve
Black Ribbon
Champagne Iridescent Crush
Orange Matte Satin
Patio Lights
Vintage Green Armchair
8" Rim Soup 9oz
Leaf Glass 6" Fruit Bowl
8' x 12' Black & White Floor
Bar Glass, Martini, 10oz
Silver First Course Fork
9" Luminara Candles
Small Black Birdcage
Round, 84"
Navy Supernova
Crossback Chairs
10" Dinner Plate Triangle
Gold Tripoli Glass Charger Plate
Bar Glass, Mason Jar, 16oz
Garden Folding Chairs
30 x 30 Frame Tents
Ring Lights
Slide Projectors
Popcorn Machine
Cotton Candy Cones (75)
60 x 130 Century Tents
Table Candelabras with Flower Bowl
Rattan Charger
Polyester Camel
170,000 BTU Tent Heater
44x83 Sailcloth tent
Poly Stripe Rasberry
Racing Checks
White Ribbon
Copper Iridescent Crush
Copper Matte Satin
6'x18" (Seats 3) Classroom Style Table
Vintage Olive Armchair
9" Rim Soup
12" Buffet/Chop Plate
Leaf Glass 7" Bowl, 26oz
12' x 12' Black & White Floor
Silver First Course Knife
Silver Ice Bucket
Luminara Votives Candles (6 per set)
White Birdcage
Round, 90"
Light Pink Supernova
Leaf Glass 4 Quart Bowl
30 X 40 Frame Tents
50" x 50" Screens
2qt Chafers
44x103 Sailcloth Pole Tent
Polyester Khaki
Poly Stripe Red
Red Stars
Brown Iridescent Crush
Brown Matte Satin
8'x18" (Seats 4) Classroom Style Table
Black Garden Chair with Black Padded Seat
Chargers, Glass Silver Sea Sponge
Victorian Pink Vintage Armchair
10" Dinner Plate
12' x 16' Black & White Floor
Bar Glass, Pilsner, 10oz
Silver Fish Fork
Marble Wine Chiller
Cotton Candy Floss (Silly Nilly Pink, Boo Blue)
Battery Powered Taper Candle
Large White Birdcage
Sno Kone Machines
Round, 96"
Lilac Supernova
5 Bottle Silver Wine Chiller
Round Tables
30 x 50 Frame Tents
8' x 8' Tripod Screens
3qt Queen Anne Chafers
Polyester Peach
Poly Stripe Burgundy
Blue Stars
Sage Iridescent Crush
Light Olive Matte Satin
57x56 Sailcloth Pole Tent
Fruitwood Garden Chair with Black Padded Seat
Commercial Frigidaire Freezer
Bar Glass, Sherry, 4oz
Sugar Bowl
9" Luncheon Plate
Leaf Glass 7 Quart Bowl
4oz and 6oz Ramekins
16' x 20' Black & White Floor
Silver Fish Knife
Medium White Birdcage
Round, 108"
Purple Supernova
Vintage Red Velvet Armchair
Frozen Drink Machine
Cocktail and Bistro Tables
30 x 60 Frame Tents
Portable Projector Stands
8qt Round Chafers
Polyester Coral
Poly Stripe Seamist
Pink/Lime Iridescent Crush
Apple Matte Satin
White Garden Chair with White Padded Seat
Vintage Rose Armchair
57x76 Sailcloth Pole Tent
Asian Tasting Spoon
7" Salad/Dessert Plate
Leaf Glass Fish Platter
9oz Ramekin
20' x 20' Black & White Floor
Bar Glass, Shot, 1oz
Silver Butter Spreader
2 Gallon Infusion Mason Jar
2 Piece Cut Glass Candle-holder
Small White Birdcage
Round, 108" Umbrella
Magenta Supernova
Fiberglass Folding Chair
2 Gallon Infusion Jar Mason Jars
AV Cart Stands
40 x 40 Frame Tents
8qt Rectangular Chafers
Polyester Watermelon
Poly Stripe Teal
Chartreuse Iridescent Crush
Hunter Matte Satin
57x96 Sailcloth Pole Tent
Grey Vintage Padded Dining Chair
6" Bread and Butter/Appetizer Plate
Leaf Glass 5"x8" Oval Platter
Clear Creamer and Sugar Set
24" Round x 42" Height Bistro Table
Other Black & White Floor Sizes Available
Coffee Glass, Clear Mug, 10oz
Silver Cocktail Fork
Frozen Blue Raspberry Mix
Silver Dining Light Candle Holder (13" Shade)
Two Sided Blackboard Easel
Round, 114"
Pink Supernova
Coffee Servers and Water Pitchers
Stage per section
Karaoke Machines
Polyester Light Pink
Poly Stripe Hunter
Holiday Plaid
Lime Iridescent Crush
Aqua Matte Satin
Fiberglass Bone Folding Chair
White Frame Sailcloth Tents
Vintage Wooden Farmhouse Caned Seat Dining Chair
3 Gallon Infusion Jars
Cup and Saucer
Leaf Glass 9"x14" Oval Platter
30" Round x 42" Height Bistro Table
Coffee Glass, Irish Coffee, 10oz
Silver Demitasse Spoon
Frozen Pina Colada Mix
White Wrought Iron Candle-holder with Chimney
Framed Blackboard
Round, 120"
Copper Supernova
40 x 50 Frame Tents
Tivoli Stainless Flatware
Champagne Bucket
16" Round Copper Beverage Tub
Frozen Margarita Mix
40 x 60 Frame Tents
Polyester Pink
Sailcloth tent w/ clear sides
Poly Stripe Forest
Olive Iridescent Crush
Turquoise Matte Satin
Fiberglass White Folding Chair
Bouillon Cup
Leaf Glass 13" Round Platter
36" Round x 42" Height Bistro Table
8' x 12' Carpeted Stage
Coffee Glass, Clear Creamer
13" x 18" Blackboard Slate Piece
Round, 132"
Burnt Orange Supernova
Vintage Wooden Press Back Dining Chair
Ivory Gold Band China
Wine Coolers
Children's Wicker Baby Chair
Polyester Mauve
Poly Stripe Periwinkle
Moss Iridescent Crush
Periwinkle Matte Satin
Cake Pop Holder
8" Rim Soup, 9oz
Cocktail Table, 24" Round - Seats 2
8' x 16' Carpeted Stage
Coffee Glass, Clear Sugar Bowl with Lid
Tivoli Dinner Fork
19" Insulated Hammered Beverage Tub
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Mix
6.3x10.4 Mercury Glass Footed Candle Holder
Square, 54" x 54"
Red Supernova
40 x 70 Frame Tents
Vintage Wooden Rush Seat Ladder Back Dining Chair
Cake Stands with Clear Lid
Fryolators/Fryers, Propane, 40 lb. Capacity
40 x 80 Frame Tents
25 Cup Samovars
Polyester Fuchsia
Children's Folding Chair
Poly Stripe Royal Blue
3 Gallon Insulated Hammered Beverage Bowl
Violet Iridescent Crush
Royal Matte Satin
Vintage Wooden Rush Seat Split Back Dining Chair
Cocktail Table, 30" Round Seats 2
12' x 12' Carpeted Stage
Sheer Rim Champagne Flute Glass, 6oz
Tivoli Dinner Knife
8.3x13.8 Mercury Glass Footed Candle Holder
Square, 72" x 72"
Burgundy Supernova
Ivory Gold Band China Accessories
Stainless Beverage Tub
Toddler Plastic Chair
Charcoal Grills
50 Cup Samovars
Polyester Hot Pink
Poly Stripe Navy Blue
Orange Iridescent Crush
Navy Matte Satin
Vintage Wicker Rocking Chairs
18" Silver Round Cake Stands
Cocktail Table, 36" Round - Seats 2-4
12' x 16' Carpeted Stage
Sheer Rim Tall Wine Glass, 16oz
Tivoli Salad/Dessert Fork
8.9x14.4 Mercury Glass Footed Candle Holder
Square, 90" x 90"
Apple Supernova
40 x 90 Frame Tents
Ivory Gold Band Miscellaneous China
Sugar and Creamer Sets
Charcoal Rotisserie Pig Roaster Grills
40 x 100 Frame Tents
Polyester Raspberry
Poly Stripe Purple
Valentine Iridescent Crush
Light Pink Matte Satin
Youth High Chair
Mismatched Vintage China
22" Silver Square Cake Stands
Guest Table, 48" Round - Seats 6-8
20' x 20' Carpeted Stage
Sheer Rim Tall Wine Glass, 19.75oz
Tivoli Teaspoon
12 Gallon Lexan Tub
Square, 120" x 120"
Sage Supernova
Griddle Plate Grills
Ivory Gold Band Snack Plate China
2.5 Gallon Glass Punch Bowls
Polyester Ruby
Poly Stripe Grey
Watermelon Iridescent Crush
Pink Matte Satin
High Chair with Tray
Vintage Teacups and Saucers
Guest Table, 60" Round - Seats 8-10
2' x 4' Carpeted Stage
Sheer Rim Balloon Wine Glass, 20oz
Tivoli Butter Knife
Skirt, 7'-8'
Olive Supernova
40 x 110 Frame Tents
22" Round White Pedestal Cake Stands
30" Propane Broiler Grills
40 x 120 Frame Tents
Three Tier Tray (cupcake tray)
3 Gallon Silver Punch Bowls
Polyester Burgundy
Poly Stripe Black
Fuchsia Iridescent Crush
Hot Pink Matte Satin
Farm Bench
13" Buffet/Chop Plate
Guest Table, 72" Round - Seats 10-12
Stage Steps -2 to 4 Step Units
Stemmed Gold Rim Champagne Glass, 40z
Tivoli Cocktail Fork
Vintage Salt and Pepper Sets
Skirt, 13'-14'
Hunter Supernova
22" White Diamond Round Cake Stand
Round Ornate Trays
60" Propane Broiler Grills
15" Aluminum Round Bowls
30" - 60" Square Tables
30 x 50 Wadsworth Mansion Tents
Polyester Pumpkin
Rasberry Iridescent Crush
Red Matte Satin
10" Dinner Plate
Stage Skirting 12" high x 12' long
Stemmed Gold Rim Water Glass, 16oz
Tivoli Soup Spoon
Table Numbers
Aisle Runner, 25' White
Khaki Supernova
17" Wood Scroll Cake Stands
Vintage Creamers and Sugars Mismatched
Oval Ornate Trays
Hot Dog Steamers
Polyester Orange
30 x 50 Wadsworth Mansion Tents with Liner
Claret Iridescent Crush
Ruby Matte Satin
Large Bronze Twig Party Tree Cupcake Stand
9" Luncheon Plate
30" Square x 42" Height Bistro Table
Other Stage Sizes Available
Stemmed Gold Rim Wine Glass, 6oz
Tivoli Tablespoon
4 Quart 10" Leaf Glass Bowls
Aisle Runner, 50' White
Brown Supernova
Assorted Vintage Serving Pieces
Rectangular Trays
Small Electric Convection Ovens
Stage With Steps
7 Quart 12" Leaf Glass Bowls
Polyester Burnt Orange
Purple Iridescent Crush
Burgundy Matte Satin
Bronze Lily Pad Cupcake Stand
7" Salad/Dessert Plate
Cocktail Table, 30" Square - Seats 2-4
Stemmed Gold Rim Wine Glass, 8oz
Tivoli Gravy Ladle
Chair Covers
Grey Supernova
Vintage Decorative Pitchers
Votive, Peg 5" Clear for Candelabras
Clear Plastic Clam Shell Bowls
Rectangular Trays
1/2 Sheet Electric Convection Ovens
Polyester Copper
Teal Iridescent Crush
Lilac Matte Satin
Mini Bronze Tree Cupcake Stand
Vintage Wooden Crates
6" Bread and Butter/Appetizer Plate
Guest Table, 60" Square - Seats 8
Stemmed Silver Rim Champagne Glass, 40z
Tivoli Serving Fork, Small
Silver Supernova
Votive, Peg 5" Cross Hatch for Candelabras
White Plastic Clam Shell Bowls
1/2 Sheet Propane Convection Ovens
60" Half Round Table
Silver Tongs
Polyester Terra Cotta
Turquoise Iridescent Crush
Purple Matte Satin
3 Tier Silver Cupcake Stand
Vintage Tobacco Tin
Cup and Saucer
Stemmed Silver Rim Water Glass, 16oz
Tivoli Serving Spoon, Small
Table Runners, 12" x 108" Pointed Ends
Black Supernova
3 Tier Stainless Oval Cupcake Stand
3 Gallon Pepple Plastic Bowls
Twist Stainless Flatware
Polyester Red
Full Sheet Propane Convection Ovens
Royal Iridescent Crush
Eggplant Matte Satin
Vintage Crisco Tin
Snack Plate and Cup
Stemmed Silver Rim Wine Glass, 6oz
96" Half Round Table
Votive, Table Clear Glass
Napkins, 20" x 20"
Brass Aisle Candelabras
Crescor Electric Hotel Pan Ovens
Quarter Round Tables
Polyester Cherry Red
Silver Iridescent Crush
Silver Matte Satin
Rim Soup Bowl
Stemmed Silver Rim Wine Glass, 8oz
Twist Dinner Fork
5 Gallon Pepple Plastic Bowls
Votive, Table Mercury Glass
Vintage Ice Cream Box
Rectangle, 60" x 120"
7 Branch Standing Brass Candelabras
Crescor, Single Door Ovens Inside View
Polyester Brown
Stemmed Glass, All Purpose, 14oz
Black Iridescent Crush
Black Matte Satin
Rim Dessert Bowl Monkey Dish
Twist Dinner Knife
Round Riser, 36"
24 oz 12" White Ceramic Canoe Bowls
Rectangle, 90" x 132"
Assorted Vintage Water Glasses
9 Branch Standing Brass Candelabras
Crescor, Double Door Ovens
48" Radius x 30" Wide Serpentine Table
Stemmed Glass, Champagne Flute, 60z
Polyester Canteen
Bouillon/Soup Cup
Twist Salad/Dessert Fork
34oz 14" White Ceramic Canoe Bowls
Rectangle, 90" x 156"
Assorted Vintage Wine Glasses
Stemmed Glass, Water, 10oz
Unity Brass Candelabras
Crescor Double Electric Ovens Inside View
Polyester Olive
Twist Teaspoon
60" Radius x 30" Wide Serpentine Table
16 oz 6" White Ceramic Round Bowls
Round, 90"
Assorted Vintage Cordial Glasses
Stemmed Glass, Wine Ball, 8oz
Insulated Holding Ovens (Hot Boxes)
Brass Lighter / Candle Snuffers
Polyester Light Olive
48" Umbrella Table with Market Umbrella
Sugar Bowl
Twist Soup/Tablespoon
56 oz 9" White Ceramic Round Bowls
Round, 96"
Vintage Glass Decanter
4 Quart 12" White Ceramic Round Bowls
Treasure Chest Card Holders
Proofer Boxes
Polyester Clover
Vintage Small Elixer Bottles
Gravy Boat
Stemmed Glass, Wine Flute, 8oz
Twist Butter Spreader
Wine Barrel Cocktail Table
Round, 108"
Stemmed Glass, Wine Bubble, 13oz
4 Quart 16" White Rim Ceramic Bowls
Wishing Well Card Holders
Polyester Celadon
Salt and Pepper Set
Dominion Stainless Flatware
Vintage Large Elixer Bottles
Round, 114"
Wine Barrel Cocktail Table with 48" Glass Top
Stemmed Glass, Wine Tall, 12oz
Pizza Warmer Machines
Wood Look Salad Bowls
96" Corinthian Coulmn Stands
Polyester Seamist
Dominion Dinner Fork
6' x 30" x 18" Height Youth Table
Round, 120"
Vintage Salt Cellars
Antique Popcorn Machines
Polyester Mint
32" PVC Flower Stand Columns
Vintage Milk Glass
16oz Tall Stemmed Wine Glass
Dominion Dinner Knife
Cotton 132" Round Tablecloth
4" Silver Revere Bowl
40" PVC Flower Stand Columns
Tabletop Popcorn Machines
3oz Cocktail/Sorbet Glass
Polyester Lime
Vintage Doilies and Runners
Dominion Salad/Dessert Fork
Square, 54" x 54"
5" Silver Revere Bowl
41" Stone Column Flower Stands
Popcorn Kits (10 Servings)
Polyester Kelly
Vintage Table Linens
8" 4.5oz Cruet Glass
Dominion Teaspoon
Square, 72" x 72"
6" Silver Revere Bowl
6oz Juice Glass
33" Stone Column Flower Stands
Polyester Moss
Dominion Soup Spoon
Popcorn Boxes
Square, 90" x 90"
8" Silver Revere Bowl
Vintage Victorian Beige Antique Settee
2.5oz Oyster/Cocktail Sauce Glass
Stone Urns
Hunter Polyester
Victorian Vintage Blue Antique Settee
Dominion Cocktail Fork
Square, 120" x 120"
10" Silver Revere Bowl
Brass Easels
Polyester Forest
Grill Fork
Commercial Frigidaire Refrigerator
5oz Parfait Glass
Vintage Gold Velvet Antique Settee
Napkins, 20" x 20"
12" Silver Revere Bowl
4oz Punch Cups
2qt. Silver Sterno Round Chafer
Snow Cone Machine (Sno Kone)
Polyester Aqua
Grill Spatula
Rectangle, 90" x 132"
Two Sided Blackboard Easel
Vintage Victorian Settee Green
3qt. Silver Queen Anne Sterno Chafers
Victorian Red Antique Settee
Sno Kone Syrup
Brass Pads With Kneelers
Turquoise Polyester
5oz Sherbert/Fruit Cups
Knife, Cheese
Rectangle, 90" x 156"
Sno Kone Cups (200 per carton)
8qt Silver Rectangular Chafers
Polyester Jade
Hors Doeuvres Shooter
Knife, Steak with Stainless Handle
Privacy Screen Fabric
Round, 108"
Vintage Victorian Settee Tufted Tapestry
Butane Tabletop Stoves
8qt Silver Round Chafers
Japanese Rice Paper Privacy Screens
Teal Polyester
Upholstered Vintage Stools
Knife, Steak with Wooden Handle
Round, 120"
Other Glass, Sundae 6.25oz
4qt. Stainless Chafers
Light Blue Polyester
Tabletop Commercial Induction Burner Stoves
Glass Votive
Plastic Punch Ladle
White Lattice Privacy Screen
Vintage Swivel Piano Stool
Round, 132"
One Burner Stoves
Chrome Stanchions
6qt. Stainless Oval Chafers
Powder Blue Polyester
Vintage Blue Travel Suitcase
1 Liter Wine Carafe
Silver Chafer Fork
Square, 90" x 90"
Two Burner Stoves
8qt. Stainless Chafers
Slate Polyester
Chrome Stanchion Velour Rope
Vintage Brown Overnight Suitcase
Silver Chafer Spoon
Sash/Bow, 8" x 110"
8qt.Stainless Lafayette Sterno Chafers
Six Burner Stoves with Ovens
Periwinkle Polyester
White Stanchion
Pink Vintage Suitcase
Silver Chafer Slotted Spoon
Rectangle, 60" x 120"
8qt. Stainless Sterno Rolltop Chafers
40qt. Stock Pots
Royal Blue Polyester
White Stanchion Chain per foot
Vintage Medical Box
Silver Cake Knife
Napkins, 20" x 20"
Meat Slicers
Chafer Pans
Polyester Dark Blue
Vintage Trunks
Silver Cake Server
Rectangle, 90" x 132"
36 Cup Coffeemakers
Polyester Navy Blue
Plate Jack Rack
Silver Gravy Ladle
Vintage Antler Props
Rectangle, 90" x 156"
55 Cup Coffeemakers
Polyester Lilac
Vintage Bicycle Built for Two
Silver Ice Scoop
32 Gallon Garbage Receptacles
Round, 90"
100 Cup Coffeemakers
Rolling Sheetpan Racks
Amethyst Polyester
Weathered Vintage Hardcover Books
Silver Punch Ladle
Round, 84" Umbrella
40 oz White or Black Thermo Pitchers
Claret Polyester
Silver Asparagus Spatula
Food (Hotel) Pans
Vintage Door Seating Chart
Round, 108"
18" x 26" x 1" Full Sheet Pans
32 oz Silver Coffee Pourer
Plum Polyester
Vintage 13 Star American Flag
Silver Lasagna Spatula
Round, 120"
3 Gallon Beverage Fountains
Eggplant Polyester
Vintage Oil Lamps
Silver Ice Tongs
Square, 72" x 72"
13" x 18" x 1" Half Sheet Pans
Polyester Grey
Vintage Railroad Lanterns
Silver Bread Tongs
5 Gallon Beverage Fountains
Round, 90"
Charcoal Polyester
Silver Pastry Tongs
Vintage Bowl Mixer Prop
Round, 120"
5 Gallon Tall Beverage Fountains
27" Chocolate Fountains
Black Polyester
Silver Salad Tongs
Vintage Scale Prop
Round, 132"
Polyester Neon Green
Silver Shell Tongs
35" Chocolate Fountains
Vintage Toolbox for Prop or Floral Arrangement
Square, 90" x 90"
28oz Bag For Chocolate Fountains
Polyester Neon Yellow
Vintage Smith-Corona Typewriter
Stainless Buffet Fork
Napkins, 20" x 20"
60 oz. Glass Water Pitchers
Polyester Neon Tangerine
Stainless Buffet Spoon
Rectangle, 60" x 120"
Vintage Underwood Typewriter
60 oz. Plastic Water Pitcher (Bouncer)
Neon Orange Polyester
Stainless Buffet Spoon Slotted
Vintage Wheelchair (Prop)
Rectangle, 90" x 132"
Silver Water Pitchers
Neon Pink Polyester
Stainless Chafer Fork
Rectangle, 90" x 156"
Vintage Half Round Accent Table
Fondue Set
Vintage Console Table
Stainless Chafer Spoon
Round, 90"
Vintage Drop-Leaf Table
Stainless Chafer Spoon Slotted
Round, 108"
8 Inch Stone Granite Mortar and Pestle 4 Cup Capacity
Vintage Nautical White Tables
Stainless Twist Fork
Round, 120"
10" Calphalon Wok
25 Cup Silver Samovars
Stainless Twist Spoon
Vintage Pedestal Table
Round, 132"
50 Cup Silver Samovars
Vintage Galvanized Copper Tub
Stainless Ice Scoop
90" x 90" Square
100 Cup Silver Samovars
Vintage Galvanized Square Tub
Stainless Ice Cream Scoop
8" x 110" Sash/Bow
100 Cup Stainless Tea Samovars
Vintage Galvanized Round Tub
Stainless Hammer Sauce Ladle
Rectangle, 60" x 120"
12" Silver Round Trays
5oz Stainless Ladle
90" x 132" Rectangle
12" , 14", oe 18" Silver Round Trays
10oz Stainless Ladle
90" x 156" Rectangle
20" Silver Round Ornate Trays
1.5oz Stainless Ladle
90" Round
16" x 22" Silver Oval Trays
2oz Stainless Ladle
108" Round
13" x 18" Silver Rectangular Trays
3oz Stainless Ladle
120" Round
6oz Stainless Ladle
18" x 30" Silver Rectangular Trays
132" Round
3 Tier Silver Tidbit Trays
6oz Stainless Ladle
Square, 54" x 54"
Silver Three Tier Hors D'oeuvres Trays
Stainless Salad Tongs
Square, 72" x 72"
Condiment Trays
Square, 90" x 90"
Gravy Ladles
14" Round Hammer Tray
Gravy Ladle Silver
17" Round Hammer Tray
Table Runner, 12" x 108" Pointed Ends
Gravy Ladle Stainless
20" Round Hammer Tray
Table Runner, 14" x 120" Square Ends
Silver Serving Pieces
14" x 22" Rectangular Hammer Tray
Napkins, 20" x 20"
Silver Tongs
4 Compartment White Ceramic Trays
Rectangle, 60" x 120"
Ice Scoops
10" x 14" Oval White Ceramic Trays
Rectangle, 90" x 132"
Grill Utensils
14" x 20" Oval White Ceramic Trays
Rectangle, 90" x 156"
Miscellaneous Utensils
8" x 24" Oval White Ceramic Trays
Round, 90"
Rectangular 13" x 20" White Ceramic Trays
Round, 108"
16" White Ceramic Round Trays
Round, 120"
18" White Ceramic Round Trays
Round, 132"
18" White Ceramic Square Trays
Square, 72" x 72"
Bread Riser Buffet/Display Board
Napkins, 20" x 20"
Charcuterie Board
Rectangle, 90" x 132"
Stainless Three Tier Hors D'oeuvres Trays
Rectangle, 90" x 156"
12" Round Mirror Trays
108" Round
16" Round Mirror Trays
120" Round
Raw Bar With Illuminated Stand Trays
Round, 132"
11", 14", 16" Cocktail Trays
Square, 90" x 90"
Oval Waiter Tray
8" x 110" Sash/Bow
Tray Stands
15" x 120" Square Ends Table Runner
Heat Lamp with Cutting Board
20" x 20" Napkins
Infrared Food Warmers/ Heat Lamps
90" x 132" Rectangle
90" x 156" Rectangle
Hammered Sauce Warmer
Marmite Soup Warmer
90" Round
2.5 Gallon Electric Soup Warmer Kettles
108" Round
120" Round
132" Round
72" x 72" Square
90" x 90" Square
Chair Covers
8" x 110" Sash/Bow
15" x 120" Square Ends Table Runner
120" Round
72" x 72" Square
90" x 90" Square
8" x 110" Sash/Bow
Panama Napkins 20" x 20"
Panama Rectangle Linen 60" x 120"
Panama Rectangle Linen 90" x 132"
Panama Rectangle Linen 90" x 156"
Panama Round 90"
Silver Circle Taffeta
Panama Round 108"
Panama Round 120"
Panama Round 132"
Panama Square 54" x 54"
Panama Square 72" x 72"
Panama Square 90" x 90"
Panama Table Runners 15" x 120" Square Ends
20" x 20" Napkins
60" x 120" Rectangle
90" x 132" Rectangle
90" x 156" Rectangle
90" Round
Silver Satin
108" Round
Navy Satin
120" Round
Royal Satin
132" Round
Teal Satin
90" x 90" Square
White Satin
8" x 110" Sash/Bow
Ivory Satin
15" x 120" Pointed Ends Table Runner
Peach Satin
20" x 20" Napkins
Gold Satin
90" x 132" Rectangle
Copper Satin
90" x 156" Rectangle
Brown Satin
90" Round
Purple Satin
108" Round
Burgundy Satin
120" Round
Red Satin
132" Round
Hot Pink Satin
72" x 72" Square
90" x 90" Square
8" x 110" Sash/Bow
15" x 120" Square Ends Table Runner
20" x 20" Napkins
White Cotton
60" x 120" Rectangle
Ivory Cotton
60" x 120" Rectangle
Beige Cotton
90" x 156"Rectangle
Brown Circle Taffeta
90" Round
Red Circle Taffeta
108" Round
Gold Circle Taffeta
114" Round
Camel Cotton
120" Round
Maize Cotton
132" Round
Lemon Cotton
54" x 54" Square
Gold Cotton
72" x 72" Square
Orange Cotton
Square, 90" x 90"
Terra Cotta Cotton
120" x 120" Square
Brown Cotton
Chair Covers
Light Olive Cotton
Seamist Cotton
12" x 108" Pointed Ends Table Runner
Lime Cotton
Kelly Cotton
Forest Cotton
New Forest Cotton
Aqua Cotton
Turqoise Cotton
Teal Cotton
Light Blue Cotton
Periwinkle Cotton
Royal Cotton
Navy Cotton
Peach Cotton
Pink Cotton
Light Pink Cotton
Dusty Rose Cotton
Rasberry Cotton
Red Cotton
Cherry Red Cotton
Burgundy Cotton
New Burgundy Cotton
Lilac Cotton
Claret Cotton
Purple Cotton
Grey Cotton
Black Cotton

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