Vaporlux Steamer

  • VaporLux® Commercial steam cleaning machines have a UL listing
  • 12 & 14 gauge wiring provides less resistance for 110-volt electricity
  • All switches are rated at 20 amps.
  • The 5 Liter 304 grade stainless cylindrical boiler is built to ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) specifications. This larger capacity boiler means more cleaning time between fill ups. The shape of the boiler is extremely efficient with no cold spots, which means the heating element does not work harder than necessary. Our boilers are tested to 700 PSI yet operate at a maximum of 80 PSI.
  • The boiler, which is by far the most expensive component in the machine, is guaranteed for life.
  • The heating element in our machines is not manufactured as part of the boiler as some vapor machines are. Heating element is replaceable.
  • Our hoses have only 12-volt electricity for safe operation.
  • All of our units have external reset switches as well as internal resets that act as a safety backup system.

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