Weed / Roofing Burner


  • 400,000 BTU per hour
  • 2050 Degrees F
  • Normal Operating Pressure is 25 P.S.I.
  • Operating Pressure Range is 5-90 P.S.I.
  • Fuel Consumption at 30 P.S.I. is 9.03 pounds per hour
  • Max Fuel Consumption is 16 pounds per hour
  • Fuel Inlet 1/4 inches NPT
  • CSA Certified for United States and Canada
  • Torch Bell Diameter is 2 1/2 inches
  • Handle Length is 28 inches
  • Overall Torch Length is 33 inches
  • Weight is 4.30 pounds
  • Hose Material is Rubber
  • Hose Length is 10 feet
  • Only use with propane

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