Many years of consistent, kind, patient, professional experiences

"This happy review covers many, many years of consistent, kind, patient, professional experiences with the whole team, especially with Cathie G as the creative and committed collaborator that I treasure! Her instincts are spot-on and I've been so grateful for her flexibility, accessibility, communications, and wisdom. She cares about the success of events and also protects participants with varying perspectives so no one is compromised, from event consultant to client to the hardworking set up and breakdown crews. After nearly one hundred events together, I can safely say that Cathie G and the whole CT Rental Center team and family (standing ovations and a big shout out to Tom and Garrett and Dawn, too!) are amazing, trustworthy, and have a place in my heart as I complete my time in the wedding world and move into a new chapter! Thank you, CT Rental Center...and thank you, Cathie, for becoming a planning friend and ally and for never making fun of me for not remembering the names of all the tablecloth colors!"

- Josh C.

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